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Our Crop

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The 2020 Season

If there was one positive out of the crazy year 2020 turned out to be, it was that it kept us closer to home and allowed us to to immerse ourselves in our inaugural hemp crop.  We learned a lot, produced a beautiful crop, and left armed with the knowledge and passion to take it to an even higher level next year.

The Method

To achieve the ultimate in quality and consistency, we went with individual grow bags over planting into the ground.  We custom designed our own growing medium, including a biologically activated compost from our friends at Purple Cow, Appleton produced perlite for drainage, and a hemp specific soilless blend as a base. Utilizing organic fertilizers derived from the fermentation of of waste grain byproducts for vegetative growth, and a Manitowoc produced fish emulsion and kelp blend for flowering, this trifecta of nourishment provided magical results and set a new standard for the industry.


The Varieties

After much searching and deliberation, we decided to plant 2 varieties: Buffalo Soldier (CBG) and Cherry Blossom (CBD).  Buffalo Soldier produced stocky plants with chunky buds, finished early, and had amazing subtle notes of lemon and grape soda. The Cherry Blossom flowered long into the frosts of November and produced some 7 foot giants covered in resinous, sticky colas. They were true to their namesake, reeking of sweet cherries.

The Cure

Potentially even more important than the actual growing of hemp flower, is the drying and curing process. Beautiful buds can be rendered unusable if not handled properly at every stage after the harvest, and there are a lot of steps where you can go wrong.  Recognizing this, we set out to revolutionize the process.  From the time the buds leave my hands after trimming to the time you open your jar of Revival flower, a stringent modified atmosphere approach has been in place. Temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels are all critical and should be strictly controlled at all stages of the painfully slow drying and curing processes. No open air hang drying in a barn, no shipping them off as soon as they are dry, perfection is achievable only with patience and strict standards. And we are confident our meticulous method sets us apart from the rest.

Our Crop: Features
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