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The Revival Family

Josh, Jess & Aldo

Born and raised Wisconsinites, Josh and Jess met and fell in love while attending college at the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh.  After college, they relocated to the Florida Keys  where they enjoyed the island life for about five years before returning home to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin to start their first sustainable agriculture endeavor, Revival Hops.  After struggling to become profitable under organic production, and with a refusal to do it any other way, they decided to diversify into hemp production.  In this new venture, they seem to have found their niche.  When they aren't working on the farm, they can be found either exploring nature in the beautiful state they call home, our on an adventure backpacking the far reaches of the globe.

Josh, a Conservation Biologist by trade and education, is the offspring of a free spirited hippy father who passed on the counterculture perspective born in the 60's and 70's.  Due to this, and his fathers love for the outdoors, from a very early age Josh's passions led him to a career in conservation with an ultimate goal of achieving a simple, sustainable lifestyle.  Revival Estates is the culmination of that dream.

Jess, an experienced executive in the tourism industry, was born into the classic blue collar family that gives Wisconsin its reputation for warmth and work ethic.  By following in this path, Jess has achieved great success in her industry, being known for her persistence and professionalism.  This success has allowed her to pursue her true passion, creative expression.  Through her farm, her inventiveness, dedication, and love for her family are truly on display.

Together, with their German Wirehaired Pointer Aldo, Josh and Jess have created the Revival Estates Family.  With simplicity and sustainability as their driving considerations, they have spent countless hours developing something more than a business, they have developed a lifestyle.  They hope their passion and dedication to those principles is evident in everything they produce.  

Welcome to the Revival Family!

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