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What is "More-ganic"?

It's more than a certification, it is a lifestyle.


USDA standards completely ignore the climactic impact of shipping fertilizers and other supplies across the planet, but we don't.  It isn't always possible, but when it is, we try to support our fellow Wisconsinites, even if it costs a little more.  And luckily, in many cases Wisconsin produces the best.  From our liquid fertilizer made in Manitowoc, to the perlite produced in Appleton, to our beautiful compost out of Middleton, Wisconsin leads in sustainable agriculture and we are glad to utilize their products close to home. A small action with a big return for everyone.

Local First


From our fertilizers to our pest management, protecting our planet's biodiversity is primary driver in every decision we make or product we utilize.  Where USDA standards fall short in allowable amendments or practices, we take a higher standard. No Chilean Nitrates, individual plant treatments instead of broadcast, and prevention through developing a symbiotic natural community among many other principles. Why, because we will leave this piece of earth better than we found it no matter what the cost.

Always Sustainable


We aren't stupid as producers and neither are you as consumers.  Neither of us needs a government stamp to tell us something is good and just because a small business doesn't want to pay a tax, doesn't mean they don't produce a natural and sustainable product.  But we must make the effort to make informed decisions in all aspects of our consumption.  And we must strive to push the envelope of sustainability. We promise to always put the health of our consumers and the environment first in all of our decisions and implore you to always ask your producers why.  If you have a question about anything we use or our methods, just ask, I'm sure you'll find our bar is higher than you knew possible.

Only One Standard, The Highest


To be honest, we don't aspire to get rich at this or expand beyond our small farm.  Why? Because our goal is to produce the best. Not the best in our county or state, but the best in existence.  And the only way that is possible is to know each of our plants by name.  By growing in individual containers and knowing and treating each plant as it speaks to us, we can produce a product unrivaled in the industry.  And that doesn't end at harvest, painstakingly dried and cured in a controlled environment and only shared when it is ready, we only accept perfection at every stage of the process. Because you are our family, and you deserve the best!

One Way, Small Batch

Our "More-ganic" Approach: Testimonials
Our "More-ganic" Approach: Testimonials

Did you know that the USDA has subcontracted the certification process to private companies? And that those companies don't get paid if you don't get certified? And that the cost to get certified is based on your income, not on the amount of effort to certify your crop? If that sounds like a tax to be sustainable and makes you question how stringent the certifiers would be, it did to us too.  We decided we would pass the savings on to you and to be sustainable all on our own without a government stamp to prove it.  Read on to see how we have taken sustainability to an even higher level.

USDA Organic Certification Costs

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