Cherry Blossom Pre-Rolls-3ct, 1 1/4 Size

Cherry Blossom Pre-Rolls-3ct, 1 1/4 Size

Our Cherry Blossom crop definitely didn't disappoint relative to its reputation as one of the best strains in the industry.  Towering plants, sticky like glue to the touch, and an overpowering sweet cherry skunk aroma, we concur that Cherry Blossom may be the best CBD strain in the industry.  As soon as we tried it, we knew its attributes would make it perfect for pre-rolled cones.  Slow burning and a pungent aroma, we decided to utilize the best-in-market Cyclone cellulose cones for this combo. Not just because they look cool, we think their slow, clean burn will enhance your experience over a standard paper.  They are packaged three to a vial, in the 1 1/4 size (~.75g/cone), which we feel is the perfect size for an individual or with a few friends.  Let us do the rolling for you and relax with a Revival Estates Pre-Roll today!


Note: This product has been declared legal for sale under USDA and WI DATCP regulations, and has been tested to verify a delta-9 THC content of 0.3% or less.


    Cherry Blossom (CBD) Pre-Roll- 3ct, 1 1/4 size Cyclone cones


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